Factual / Circumstance

Factual / Circumstance

Lyonswood delivers extensive factual investigations which strictly abide with quality and compliance requirements. Our company can provide validation support in the following areas:

  • Workers Compensation;
  • Disability & Income Protection;
  • Public & Product Liability;

Information may be obtained primarily through interviews or else conducted in conjunction with a surveillance operation. Lyonswood operatives are skilled in obtaining information through an interview medium, which may or may not necessitate the obtaining of a written statement.

Whether it is an individual statement or a full Factual/Circumstance Investigation that is required, the client can be confident that the accuracy and quality remains consistent.

Where a Factual /Circumstance Investigation is conducted, photographic, and video footage evidence of relevant activity is obtained. This may be necessary in order to depict specific work-related tasks for presentation to legal representatives or, perhaps at a later stage, a jury in a courtroom environment.