About Us

About Us

Lyonswood Investigation Services Pty Ltd commenced trading in 1978. Investigation companies at that time, unfortunately, fitted the television image of the classic private investigator, who were perceived by the public as shady and unprofessional. Due to this situation the need for a high quality professional service was identified. Lyonswood has always prided itself on providing clear, concise and accurate reports, backed up by quality evidence.

Since our commencement 37 years ago, Lyonswood has continuously held a Private/Security Business Licence and Inquiry Agent Licence and has built a considerable and diverse client base.

Working in partnership with Australia’s Leading Insurers, Legal Firms, Government and Statutory Authorities for over three decades, our service delivery is tailored to meet your exacting quality and compliance requirements. We can provide highest quality claims investigation and support via timely surveillance and factual investigations.

Our Company strives to ensure compliance with guiding regulatory frameworks and conduct all activities in an environment of ethical behaviour, security of information, protection of privacy, and quality assurance of deliverables.

Our management team and procedures are contemporary and progressive, maintaining a leading edge with the latest in equipment, regulation and practice.

We attribute our success to us having never lost sight of our original investigation concept, which is providing clear, concise, accurate reports supported by legally obtained high quality evidence.